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Fr. alReverend Joseph Pachorek (1974-1992)

Father Joseph Pachorek was born and raised in South Chicago, attending Immaculate Conception School. After studies at Quigley and St. Mary of the Lake Seminary he was ordained on May 3.1947.

Father Pachorek served as associate pastor at: Five Holy Martyrs, 1947-1958; St. Florian, 1958-1959; St. Casimir, 1959- 1965; Sts. Peter and Paul, 1965-1973; and St. John of God,1973-1974.

He was appointed pastor of St. Florian Church following the death of Fr. Chester Konsowski in February, 1974. Father Pachorek was instrumental in the formation of both Polish and English choirs, along with the Young at Heart Senior Citizen Group.

He also had a shrine to the Virgin Mary built on the site of the original1905 church. Father Pachorek helped St. Florian celebrate its Diamond Jubilee in November, 1980. Fr. Pachorek served as pastor of St. Florian until his retirement in January of 1992.

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