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Pictorial Tour of St. Florian

St. Florian Parish Mission

We are Roman Catholics of prayer, service, and long standing tradition guided by the spirit to meet the direct needs of our parishioners and neighboring communities in a demanding social environment.

We strive to achieve a sense of justice, responsibility, prayerfulness, community, and unity by providing:

  • all individuals the opportunity of receiving the Sacraments
  • the proper educational environment -- spiritually, morally, and academically
  • a channel for corporal works of mercy
  • a time and place for social gatherings and fellowship

Our goals and objectives will be accomplished through encouraging active participation in dialogue, evangelization, stewardship, prayer, and love.

St. Florian Church
13145. S.Houston Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60633
Telephone: (773) 646-4877
Fax: (773) 646-5965

  St. Florian School
13110. S. Baltimore Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60633
Telephone: (773) 646-2868
Fax: (773) 646-2891
Email: st.florian.school@gmail.com