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St. Florian Ministries -- Alter Servers

The Altar Server must be active and full participants in the celebration with a complete understanding of the Mass. The altar server sets an example for the assembly by singing, praying and keeping silence and can enhance the worship of the assembly.

To be an Altar Server is a privilege granted to either boys or girls. To serve at St. Florian you must be in the 5th grade, have made your necessary Sacraments and be a practicing Catholic.

Altar Servers perform a vital role at all Masses at St. Florian and are scheduled for our daily morning Masses as well as the Sunday Masses. They will also be assigned to serve on Holy Days of Obligation, Weddings, Funerals and other services when required.

Altar Server Guidelines:

A. Scheduling
The Altar Server Schedule are given out in advance. Prior to the schedule coming out, altar servers let the Scheduler know if you be unable to serve for any reason on a particular week/day or Mass.

The schedule is given out in time for the first Mass of the next month. If you don’t receive a copy, the schedule for the upcoming week appears in the Church Bulletin. The schedule also has the phone numbers of all the Servers to assist you in finding a replacement when that eventuality arises.

Once the Schedule is published and mailed out or given to the server, it is the scheduled server’s responsibility to find a replacement if he or she can’t serve as scheduled.

B. Before Mass
Servers should arrive 15 minutes before Mass (unless instructed to arrive earlier). The Altar Servers have vital preparations to make for Mass.

C. During Mass
As per the guidance of the Altar Servers Supervisor

D. After Mass
Altar Servers have several duties after Mass. Servers are not to leave until officially released This may be an additional five to ten minutes, depending on what needs to be done.

Prayer of an Altar Server
O God, You have graciously called me to serve You upon Your altar. Grant me the graces that I need to serve You faithfully and wholeheartedly. Grant too that while serving You, may I follow the example of St. Tarcisius, who died protecting the Eucharist, and walk the same path that led him to Heaven.

St. Tarcisius, pray for me and for all servers.


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