St. Florian Athletics

Admission for games:

  • $2.oo for each Adult.
  • $1.oo for Children/Students
  • Children 3 and under are free.

Iinformation for coaches

The St. Florian community believes that sportsmanship is an important reason why we are here today. We ask all players, coaches and fans join with us in committing themselves to an event marked with competition and sportsmanship.

We will always play hard but our play will be safe, clean, and fair.
We may be outscored, be will never be outclassed
We will support our team, while never degrading our opponents
Our opponent will be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect
We will always appreciate a great play, no matter who makes it
We will always extend a hand or encouraging word
When we we win we will celebrate without boasting
If we lose it will be without excuses
We will win by bringing honor to our team, our school, and ourselves.

Information for team coaches

Important Forms

  • Player Registration Form (for St. Florian players)
  • Archdiocese of Chicago Child/Minor Athletic Participation Release Form
  • St. Florian League Team Roster Form

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